Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wello, friends. Yo Soy Dick Vomit!

Hot Girl-on-Girl Breastississes Action

Email from my "superior":

Hey Dick,

Are you out today?
I thought we had discussed this? You’ve been out a fair amount of days recently & I asked that you not take the day today. Do you recall that?

In any case I need to know if you followed up on the (trivial work item) & if you heard back from (the screaming dildos in California) re (aforementioned trivial work item)?

Let me know. Today.

Thank you,
Your "superior"

Notes from Richard Vomit:

1. Yes. I AM out today, as we previously discussed. After I requested a Thursday and Friday off, you did not ask that I not take the day off -- you asked that I only take essential days off, so I elected to take only the Friday. This was done as a courtesy to you as I am entitled to take two days off whenever I choose without explaining myself. This decision was communicated to you via electrical mail message. Do YOU recall that?

2. I have been taking a lot of days off recently. Are you referring to my SURGERY and the three days of recovery? Those were my only "vacation days" this year.

3. Yes. I followed up. Yes, it is done. This was also communicated to you. Kindly reply to email on the day you receive it.


Mr. Pony said...

Let me be the first to congratulate you, Dick Vomit!

Richard Vomit said...

Matza's back room dealings have finally...

Litcube said...

Hello, Dick Vomit!

You should quit your job. These jobs, like the one you are in, are bad for your heart. And also? They are bad for your soul.

What a silly thing you did a long time ago, though, eh?! You did a hoax! 'Member when that happened? With that thing that you did? When you did it? 'Member!?