Tuesday, September 9, 2008

RIP Scrabulous

I'm still reeling from the loss of Scrabulous on Facebook-- my single favorite method of wasting time on the Internet for the past year. I feel very conflicted about the whole thing, because as we all know, Scrabulous was pretty much the poster child for shameless, 100% copyright infringement of the original Scrabble game. So it was inevitable... nothing gold can stay.

Unfortunately, the owners of Scrabble were too stupid to harness the incredible power of the masses of addicted Scrabulous players to their advantage. They apparently decided the only recourse was to hire a bunch of lawyers and try to wipe Scrabulous off the earth. So even though there may be "Scrabble"-brand Scrabble on Facebook now, I feel like it would be caving in to support their power play.

So in memoriam of everyone's favorite deceased Facebook widget, I'm posting two of my favorite Scrabulous moments. The game above started off organically-- my friend started it off with PENIS, and then I followed with SPEARING. I guess that was an omen. The main problem that cropped up is that with only 2 C's and 1 K, there are a lot of good words you can't get to: FUCK, SUCK, DICK, COCK, LICK, CUNT, etc. We tried our best though.

And here's proof that the computer can play dirty as well-- this is a game against the Scrabulous computer! I was feeling all good about myself for starting off with QUEEN for 48 points, and the computer made this memorable move.

WTF?! There's no such word as FE!

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Mr. Pony said...

My glasses are steaming up from your epic game. Sure makes me look at the word "wade" differently.