Wednesday, August 13, 2008

what I hate/love about cosplay.

<---What I hate about these is that the person gives up at some critical point and thus makes the entire ensemble look lazy. This is like especially a double fail for the steampunk guys. A top hat awith a watch on it?? FUCK YOU! The GIR isn't bad, it's the two douches next to it I hate.
<---My love for these is that the cosplayer is either very brave or very thorough about their costume choices. You can tell they really love what they are doing. Of course, then there's the TIE fighter guys who in a weird way address the whole ship/environment as character issue we had a few weeks back. Yay! I love tie-ins! It's like going to a dungeons & dragons con dressed as a dungeon.


Mr. Pony said...

Totally. This is the big leagues. This is COMICON. You don't just wear joker-ish makeup and count on the popularity of dead Heath Ledger to carry you through the day. And you DON'T go to the store and buy a Batman suit, and go as Batman. Ugh. And young women who just carelessly throw together a bunch of revealing bondage gear and just go as... some... random... Hrm. Lost my train of thought. But YEAH.

(Actually, though, I admit I found Fat Brown Gatchaman in Flip-Flops kind of charming.)

Galspanic said...

regarding the Gatchaman; NO!!! NO YOU ARE WRONG, SIR!!! And it really disturbs me when you, someone born and raised in Hawaii uses the term "flip-flops".

Mr. Pony said...

I will find a way to bring Fat Brown Gatchaman in Flip-Flops to your house. We will bring Malasadas.