Friday, April 8, 2011

The Most Disturbing Personality Test Ever


Galspanic said...

I think I won!

Heeero said...

I'm curious as to what kind of science, if any is behind this test. FTR, it actually came kinda close, but not exact.

Litcube said...

With a large enough subject group, you can generate meaningful data out of the most intentionally non-nonsensical questions. I've noticed this sort of science has been springing up more frequently due to internets.

Though most of these ask you simple demographic identification questions to correlate data. This one does not. Perhaps they did this prior.

1) Are you a man?

2) Is apple blunderfuck science dink?

If you ask a random billion people, you might extrapolate which gender are more likely to apple blunderfuck science dink.

Vance Gahd said...

Given a long enough timeline, neither will survive.