Monday, September 13, 2010

Making Self-Improvement Fun

Bee_eye won't post this himself so I'm posting about it. Most people just make a boring list of goals/tasks they need to accomplish (like me!) but bee_eye takes it one step further and makes it into a fun dress up game. What's not to like about goggle of no TV bras and cookie codpieces?


Mr. Pony said...

I love it. Probably so much more effective than Epic Win. Do you find it effective in terms of personal behavior modification?

Galspanic said...

I like it, but I want more control over the objects. They don't rotate and I cant change their layer hierarchy. I cannot properly make the penis shape I think it properly deserves. I did make lil' Beee wear a cookie gag with the goggles and left it at that. he didn't need much more in my opinion.

beeeye said...

I think it's been helpful. Usually resolutions fall flat by about the second week of January. Weekly goals makes it possible to gain redemption even after many fails. The Belt of No Sweets is killer for me. I know, not many options, but that's as much as my Actionscript could handle. Maybe Quest 2.0 will be better.