Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Korean Man Teaches Koreans How To Swear

He may be several steps removed from the American kids he's trying to emulate, but his delivery is quite good. He also seems to be teaching the concept of swearing. This is long, but stick around until the end for a rule of swearing I've never heard before. Is he right? He might be right!

via @annietown


Lungclops said...

The Koreans are great picklers of things.

FAKA! said...

Wow... I always assumed Korean's swearing was just a default setting.

bekah said...

The 'fuck/fuking' part was my favorite.

Ruby Tenneco said...

I think he's underestimating himself at the end and has in fact won. He says you've tied if you each swear once, but swearing in the other person's language is actually worth 1.2 times as much as swearing in your own.*

*everyone knows this

Galspanic said...

I like that he drops into a Borroughs-esque monotone when he speaks in English. I have noticed that when people of the foreign variety ( or people with Accents) attempt to emulate American speech, it tends to sound sort of like Borroughs, John Wayne, or some awesome hybrid.

"You fucking son of a bitch, homosexuality is the best cover for an Interzone agent."