Thursday, April 8, 2010

Monster Engine

Have we talked about this? A college friend tipped me off about this tonight. It's quite the bad-ass.
I'm probably going to give my sons' art the same treatment.

Link here


FAKA! said...

Thats awesome... I've scanned some of my daughter's art and applied some textures/plugins in photoshop to make wallpaper for my desktop at work but this is something entirely different.

bekah said...

I love it. I want him to come and do a family program here at my job.

Lungclops said...

While I totally agree with the artist that we can add drawing to the long list of things kids suck at, I wonder how the children he's mocking feel about having their work held up to public ridicule. I mean, that's clearly not a fish in the child's drawing.

Mr. Pony said...

I'm with Lungclops, who may or may not be kidding. These look very cool, and they're undeniably funny, but there's something slightly mean about this. I also wonder what the kid's next drawing looks like, just after he sees how much better the artist has made his earlier drawing.

Galspanic said...

Personally, if I was four, and I drew the scary mans, and then some guy came and painted the scary mans in vivid detail telekinetically holding a fish in mid air, I'd shit my pants and never sleep again.

But I'm still gonna do it to my boys drawings.