Thursday, December 13, 2007


hi. this is samuel. nice to meet you. he is blue. there is a house and there is grass and there is a sun and there is birds and there is birds who is upside down. samuel likes birds. i like birds too and one day samuel was walking on the beach. i like dogs.

one day samuel dumped a lot of sand on top of a beach and said, "oh no i have dropped sand on this beach and i can not find the sand that i dropped." samuel called his friends. his freinds are sue and terry and doug and penelope. his friends came to his house. samuel left the beach and he went to his house. his house is red. sam is short for samuel and he picked up his friends and went to the beach to look for his sand. sam was at the beach before he went to his house and he dropped his sand there. he needed his friends to get the sand so that is why he went to his house and the sun is yellow.

they found his sand on the beach. samuel was happy with all of his friends and they played with the sprinkler that my mom gave us. the end.


galspanic said...

fuck yes.

Mr. Pony said...

This storytelling style actually reminds me a lot of The Golden Compass movie.

Fugu said...

This is more awesomer.