Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Just over 10 months until our lives end for the next 10 years..

At least, that's what Electronics Boutique would have us believe. I, for one am looking forward to AIBU-9 killing me in the first 30 seconds, and/or Fugu killing me slowly but steadily over the course of a three-hour match.

In this picture, I am the Protoss thing-a-ma-bob. Fugu is the Terrans.

Here's another question: Is there an online multiplayer game with a bunch of different but concurrent modes? Where some dudes play a turn-based or real-time strategy game, essentially giving orders who dudes playing a more tactical combat game? And where this whole scenario provides plot for a third group of dudes playing an FPS? And somewhere in there there's a guy playing a game of minesweeper with really huge consequences for a lot of people?

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Litcube said...

Yup. There's a few out. See Savage.