Saturday, October 27, 2007

My motherfucking Empire

Dudes. I have a motherfucking space empire. Sometimes, I will tell you about it, and then I'll show you pictures of my godamned empire.

Here, I am flying in my Boron Skate over a planet in Parka's Ravine. I like it there. It's peaceful. My empire was relatively new when I took this photo.
This is an Orbital Weapons Platform in the sector Hila's Joy. It's not my weapons platform (they're roughly 167 thousand credits), but I watched this firefight anyway. There were two Xenon ships passing by, and this giant fucking thing has a habit of launching plasma at anything it detirmines as an enemy. Hila's Joy belongs to the Boron, whom I am on good terms with, so it didn't fire shit at me.

This is the Goner Temple in sector Cloud Base South West. I find the architecture here wondrous to behold.

This is my Argon Cerberus M1 class. It's a fucking carrier. That means it can hang ships. When I get deep into the shit, I can call on this bitch to jump to me and launch all fighters. This particular model holds 20 ships. There's about 12 other models, I believe, all with various shielding, weapon loadout, cargo space, manoeuvrability, etc. I chose this one because it's the middle of the line. At the time I could onyl afford to outfit 20 Pericles M4 class fighters to hang there. Currently, it still hangs those 20 Pericless M4 ships, but I've had to replace several of them. Shit got hairy a few days ago.

There's no ships in this shot, but it's my view when I'm parked in my favourite sector, Vetibule of Creation. It's owned by the Goner somewhere in central space (about 20 or so jumps from Argon Prime, and I only mention that because those Argon pricks think Argon Prime is the center of the fucking Universe). Anyway, I might be changing home sectors.
I have war shots too. I'll do this later!


Mr. Pony said...

I have a yard. Maybe sometime I'll upload pictures of my yard.

Fugu said...

Explain this X-universe. is this an M.M.O.? Do they sing the space opera? I like space because this is where Kirk and the Jedi do battle.

Litcube said...

This is not an M.M.O., which makes me more of a huge nerd than previously anticipated, I suspect.

There is a map to the X-Universe.

galspanic said...

dude, Litcube, if this is a universe that comes out of your brain, then I am so fucking proud and happy for you, and I will try to gather some documentation of my universe for show and tell as well. Personal universes are teh ownzorz.

Mr. Pony said...

I just digged this blong entry.

Fugu said...

On a related note, EVE online is now available for the mac! It was fun for approximately one week. I'd vote it was worth the free demo download.