Monday, August 8, 2011

Riots in London

Croydon Shop fire
A 140-year-old furniture store burning.

Youths are rioting near me right now: Hackney, Tottenham, Clapham Junction, Ealing, Brixton, Lewisham, and basically every high street in London.

People are talking about it in Lavender Hill.

All the reporters on the BBC sound like they're running for their lives-- they keep explaining how impossible it is to get pictures of anything because the kids just keep popping up everywhere.

Clapham Junction Debenham's, on fire.
Right now the Debenham's I ride my bike past every day is on fire.

Lots of faraway sirens but it's way quieter than usual-- I think all the youth from my neighborhood are out rioting instead of shouting at each other, which is what they usually do.



Galspanic said...

Can you please explain why they are rioting? I understand some person was shot in a car in an attempted arrest, but details beyond that aren't very forthcoming.

Mike said...

The Twitter is all a-chatter about this, but it's all details and no reasons. This isn't about the United States' S&P downgrade, is it?

Stay safe, pls.

FAKA! said...

I think I read it has something to do with Lion having problems printing with some printers or something =/

These rioters should be rioting for dental care if anything...

Seriously tho seems pretty whacked... How much longer could it possibly last?

Mike said...

Here's a tweet by @fpizarro: Most thoughtful piece I've read on the London riots: Penny Red: Panic on the streets of London.:

Ruby Tenneco said...

Quiet tonight here but something or other going on in Manchester and Salford...

Heeero said...

Take care out there Ruby!