Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Anyone in the Market for a Two-Handed Great Sword?

WARNING: Some scenes of butchery may be too intense for squeamish viewers. This video is frickin' long, but you can always jump to the final pitch at the end if the scenes of things being cut in half over and over and over get too overwhelmingly awesome for you.

via Jon Matza


Galspanic said...

The two-handed sword and the machine that destroys everything need to have a fight. The music from both advertisements need to have a fight too.

Who exactly is this two-handed sword being marketed to?
At 4:55 The guy who seems to be in charge says: "If you are strong enough to wield a great sword, it's an enormous advantage in any fight." WTF? Who is he telling that to? Does Cold Steel also manufacture time machines? Have they travelled to the distant past to advertise? The post-apocalyptic future?

kamapuaa said...

It's funny, Cold Steel is a really well-respected knife manufacturer. I had no idea that they did the sword thing as well.

Also, it's clearly being marketed to soldiers in the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

Ruby Tenneco said...

This is so amazing. I can't believe it's real!

Galspanic said...

I've been picturing a comic about a time traveling super-barbarian who is transported to present day. He finds himself trapped in a strange well-lit and heated cave. In the antechamber of this cave there is a large, leather padded throne and a window for which to converse with the gods. The barbarian sits in front of the window, and watches as what appears to be a heavy set god in strange armor cuts through a pigs head with a two handed sword. The language is indecipherable, but the pounding rhythms of the music are unmistakeable.

kamapuaa said...

I just watched this again, and I have a new favorite part: the boots filled with meat.

Galspanic said...

OMG those chopped off toes!