Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jim Henson Builds Simple Puppets (via @parenthacks; via @craft)

Watch this wonderful, wonderful man make puppets out of stuff you have lying around the house (and artificial fur). Pretty sure that's Frank Oz under the table.

(via @parenthacks; via @craft)


bekah said...

Thanks for posting that. I'm going to make my educators watch it since we teach a class called Muppets and puppets. I looked for the awesome clip I use of him creating different muppets but it's not on youtube so I can't share it :(

Mr. Pony said...

Know what I love about this? The things he's communicating this presentation are as follows:

1. It's easy
2. Anything you do is fine, as long as you do it
3. Here's how you make puppets

In that order.

Galspanic said...

What's interesting are the subtle giveaways in his speech that show you that this dude REALLY knew his craft. I loved watching this. I could totally smell those old alcohol markers they were using as well. Awesome. So nice to hear his voice in a "conversational" tone. Kinda wish it was a muppet giving the demonstration though. That would have been über.

Galspanic said...
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