Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sesame Street: True Mud

I am a fan of both Sesame Street and True Blood but I still think this is kind of weird. Not sure who the target audience is suppsoed to be. Anyway, see what you think.


Litcube said...

I think if you were an adult working on a kids show, during a long career, you'd have to take some creative liberties to avoid going mad from boredom.

rowlh said...

my son watches sesame street while i'm making dinner. so i keep half an eyeball on the mac and cheese and the other half on the boob tube. this skit made me laugh. my son, not so much. there's also a mad men parody where the ad execs get real real mad. and then sad. and then glad. funny stuff.

Galspanic said...

I feel a little weird about this one. I just started the dudes on the muppet flavored videos, and this stuff just wasn't aimed at kids at all. I understand LitCube's POV on this, but I felt it was kind of awkward. That being said, the Mad Men parody was pretty good. The 30 Rock one I felt was sadly lacking. I dunno. I think the parodying of popular culture in SS has been a mixed bag over the years. Love watching Sesame Street videos on Youtube though. And These guys..

Mr. Pony said...

Rhyming is an essential early step to reading!

Sesame Workshop is realizing the value of a video going vee eye arr ay el, and also that Sesame Street content is perfectly suited for sharing (short, nostalgia, humor, puppets, etc.)

Having not watched True Blood, I can't say that I totally get this, but I thought the Mad Men parody was pretty funny. A bit of a naked reference, but the muppet stylings were great as usual.

Sesame Street has always contained humor for adults, because it's meant to be watched by parents and children together. I use this idea at work. While children's programming needs to appeal to children, the ultimate gatekeepers of children's content are adults (whether they're paying for it, devoting class time to is it, or rationing out a daily half-hour of after-school TV). If you successfully appeal to both adults and children, you win. Easy to say, though; hard to do.

Mr. Pony said...

Lungclops also has a neat theory about how kids like jokes that go just over their heads, but I'll let him explain that.