Friday, October 29, 2010

Futurama Characters in Three Pixels

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Galspanic said...

I had trouble with Scruffy and Hermes. Hermes' color wasn't spot on, in my opinion.

kamapuaa said...

Yeah, those threw me too. I was thinking Calculon.

Lungclops said...

Not trying to start this sort of argument, but I'm always kind of stunned by how many people like Futurama. My limited experience with the show is that: the comedy is kind of boilerplate sitcommish; the voices aren't interesting; and it seems like you have to follow the show to fully get any episode. Am I all wet? Can someone recommend an episode?

Galspanic said...

It's kind of an acquired taste. It took me a while to get into it. I think it's one of those shows where certain characters kind of grow on you.
There's a few basic story things you gotta know, but they aren't too hard. The voices are meant to be kinda regular, but again, they grow on you. If you let them.

There is one episode where an '80s stockbroker is introduced that I find particularly compelling.

There is an episode where the crew goes back in time to meet the main protagonists' grandparents that is pretty remarkable.

There's a pretty good episode where the main protagonist discovers his bank account gained a thousand years of interest. that one is pretty good.

But yeah, I can totally understand and sympathize. I didn't think much of the first season, but I kind of powered through it. I would say it made the following seasons totally worth it. There are a lot of arcs and refs, so I would say if you are willing to offer up some time and energy to netflix the box set or something. I was working at a gallery that didn't get much foot traffic, so it wasn't such a sacrifice for me.

There's definitely a few stinkers.

kamapuaa said...

I *hated* this show when it first aired. I was a big Simpsons fan at the time, so my expectations were totally off. It took years before I came to appreciate it. The trick for me was to think of it as scifi, not as comedy.


Mr. Pony said...

My feelings about this show are really inconsistent. When I first saw it, like Kamapuaa, my expectations were really high, and I found it was really really wanting. I think they set themselves up for a little failure, too--a lot of their jokes are shaped like jokes from the Simpsons, but they hardly ever carry the same universally devastating payload.

Still, they have some interesting premises, and for every bland gag, there's an equally weird and entertaining one. I think I watch it because it's aimed directly at my subdemographic, and I appreciate that, to some extent.

I agree that the real good parts of the show are kind of hidden in the background story arcs and running jokes, and the show requires a pretty significant commitment to really enjoy.