Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pukele Stream Overruns its Banks

Okay, that may have been ill-advised. I keep forgetting that my "backyard" completely reconfigures itself every twenty-four hours, and that moon or no, it's raining hard and dark, dark, dark. When I got to the bottom (my backyard has a bottom) the lightning helped me not fall in the stream, so that was cool. Thanks, world.

Anyway, it was like I was on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, but I had fallen off the boat and climbed ashore, and the ride itself was broken, and leaking. It was also like there was another Pirates of the Caribbean ride on top of the one I was in, like on the second floor, and that one was also broken and leaking. And maybe it was raining, too. That's what it was like, guys.

All in all, this is pretty sweet. I find I love living in the 'Lolo.


Fugu said...

Why do I have to keep signing in just by hitting a link and the back arrow, and not even type in a user name and password?

Anyway, yeah, the stream is crazy on this side of the hill, too. I don't have any pictures however because I have learned to value not drowning in muddy, extremely fast, doo-doo infested water.

And did you see that helicopter a week ago dropping guys off on the top of that hill in the middle of the night? I swear, there's weird shit happening in the 'Lolo...

Mr. Pony said...

I DID see that helicopter dropping those dudes off. I looked outside my door, and there it was, right over Paul and Victoria's house. Pretty disturbing shit.

You're right, by the way. We need to dig a tunnel through that stupid ridge. Then we wouldn't need this blong! We could crawl through the tunnel and just hug and hug and hug.

galspanic said...

dude, I will have to post pics of our lovely Palolo streem over flowing with infected doo doo water. It is taken from last year when we had that biblical rain experience? Pretty fun stuff.

AI-BU9 said...

I was wondering when the other lolo-boyz were gonna get in on the furious feces rapids photo-op. Make it so.