Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pieces of Things Analytics Notes

Authors should have access to the Pieces of Things Analytics Report at Google Analytics. Let me know if you don't, and would like access. It's kind of fun to browse through; to see how many people are reading what, and so on, and how people are finding us.


You can now track how are Twitter feeds are received, as, the URL shortener we use offers metrics on clicks via Twitter. Tweets consist of the title you give your post, and a link. So titles count!

@piecesofthings can be tracked here:

@piecescomments can be tracked here:


Mr. Pony said...

Fun Fact: To date this year, we have gotten 182 visits to the blog from the phrase "motherfucking space empire". Thanks, Litcube! (Your 4x Game Symposium remains one of the most viewed posts on the site.)

Fugu said...

Fun Fact: We're a spam blog...?

Just got this email:

date Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 1:52 PM
hide details 1:52 PM (9 minutes ago)


Your blog at: has been identified as a potential spam blog. To correct this, please request a review by filling out the form at

Your blog will be deleted in 20 days if it isn't reviewed, and your readers will see a warning page during this time. After we receive your request, we'll review your blog and unlock it within two business days. Once we have reviewed and determined your blog is not spam, the blog will be unlocked and the message in your Blogger dashboard will no longer be displayed. If this blog doesn't belong to you, you don't have to do anything, and any other blogs you may have won't be affected.

We find spam by using an automated classifier. Automatic spam detection is inherently fuzzy, and occasionally a blog like yours is flagged incorrectly. We sincerely apologize for this error. By using this kind of system, however, we can dedicate more storage, bandwidth, and engineering resources to bloggers like you instead of to spammers. For more information, please see Blogger Help:

Thank you for your understanding and for your help with our spam-fighting efforts.


The Blogger Team

P.S. Just one more reminder: Unless you request a review, your blog will be deleted in 20 days. Click this link to request the review:

Fugu said...

I requested a review:

"We received your unlock request on July 29, 2009. On behalf of the robots, we apologize for locking your non-spam blog. Please be patient while we take a look at your blog and verify that it is not spam."

Hello, Google people and robots!

Galspanic said...

I've been getting spam mail from hotmail of this type for months now. they all say "your mailbox will be deleted in 20 days unless you submit such and such form". I think it's someone using the internet watchdog disguise to get information. Insidious.

The spam is a lie.

But be sure to submit all our birthdates and social security numbers incase it isn't!

Galspanic said...

Oh I guess it isn't! All hail our new interweb overlords! 8D

I wonder what tipped the interweb's fuzzy logic into thinking we were spam? Was it the thousands of visits we receive daily?

Mr. Pony said...

I thought it might have something to do with us mentioning comics and lego and games and Star Wars so much. Oh wait, that's half the Internet. Might also have to do with our new Twitter feeds, and the other weird things I've been doing to promote the blog. I don't really know. I'm not sure how they could mistake us for Stephen K. Chan.

Thanks for taking care of that, Fugu! Let me know if there's anything I can do.

Litcube said...

I would like to see tracking. How can I see tracking?

Mr. Pony said...

You can see tracking now. Sorry, Litcube, I thought you were on there.