Wednesday, October 31, 2007

R.I.P. Major Spoilers

There was this comic blog called Major Spoilers that I somehow had begun to read every day... Great reviews and previews of everything to interesting small-press stuff to the big-two system-wide crossover engines, and highly readable and reasonably obsessed. They also featured (and I'm kicking myself for not telling you about this, Ferucio) some seriously comprehensive bios of the members of the Legion of Super Heroes, chronicling histories across relaunches and through reboots. I learned many neat things about Matter-Eater Lad.

Here is a little of what was.

So anyway, this site is gone now, for whatever reason, and I never shared it with any of you, my Brothers and Sisters. This fills me with a staggering level of shame. it's all gone now, even the bios. I mean, if I had shared it with you, say, a week ago, you probably wouldn't have had the time to get into it before it closed its doors, but still. The message and the lesson here is true. Share share share, before it's too late. Like, well before. So there is time to enjoy. Share and Enjoy. When it's gone, it's too late. Also, a week before a thing is gone is too late (see above).

Saturday, October 27, 2007

My motherfucking Empire

Dudes. I have a motherfucking space empire. Sometimes, I will tell you about it, and then I'll show you pictures of my godamned empire.

Here, I am flying in my Boron Skate over a planet in Parka's Ravine. I like it there. It's peaceful. My empire was relatively new when I took this photo.
This is an Orbital Weapons Platform in the sector Hila's Joy. It's not my weapons platform (they're roughly 167 thousand credits), but I watched this firefight anyway. There were two Xenon ships passing by, and this giant fucking thing has a habit of launching plasma at anything it detirmines as an enemy. Hila's Joy belongs to the Boron, whom I am on good terms with, so it didn't fire shit at me.

This is the Goner Temple in sector Cloud Base South West. I find the architecture here wondrous to behold.

This is my Argon Cerberus M1 class. It's a fucking carrier. That means it can hang ships. When I get deep into the shit, I can call on this bitch to jump to me and launch all fighters. This particular model holds 20 ships. There's about 12 other models, I believe, all with various shielding, weapon loadout, cargo space, manoeuvrability, etc. I chose this one because it's the middle of the line. At the time I could onyl afford to outfit 20 Pericles M4 class fighters to hang there. Currently, it still hangs those 20 Pericless M4 ships, but I've had to replace several of them. Shit got hairy a few days ago.

There's no ships in this shot, but it's my view when I'm parked in my favourite sector, Vetibule of Creation. It's owned by the Goner somewhere in central space (about 20 or so jumps from Argon Prime, and I only mention that because those Argon pricks think Argon Prime is the center of the fucking Universe). Anyway, I might be changing home sectors.
I have war shots too. I'll do this later!

Friday, October 26, 2007


I may have a solution to your costume problem.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Hey, so who wants to put on costumes and stand in line at the Kahala Mall Apple Store for the release of Leopard on Friday? I hear they are attaching Stickies to Mail. How crazy is that? Apple is crazy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This is yours, and for you.

Also, in case it's not blisteringly clear, you fellows should feel free to post anything you like here, as if it were the old forum. This one doesn't creak when you put something on top of it, like the old forum did. I'm finding this fact a little intimidating. We were clearly smarter than the software that made the last forum tick. That's not so apparent here. This Bloggar creature seems like it might soon be smarter than us, if it's not already. It's a little like the first time you use a chainsaw. Except we all have admin privileges. Which I sure could have used the first time I used a chainsaw.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Beginning of Something Awesome

I don't want to overstate this point, but I, Mr. Pony, believe that this is the beginning of something awesome. The start of something truly great. The wonderful first day of a wonderful and nonspecific period of time that is wonderful.

Another cool thing--this is the end of exactly nothing. Not a single drop of anything good was spilled in the creation of this new thing. No old thing fell before the new. No way had to be made. What was, is. And what is, brothers and sisters, is something quite awesome, probably.

Your pal,
Mr. Pony