Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And on that note...

... It's time to try something new! The format of this blong has been changing organically over the past year, from long-format posts to short moments of sharing. A great link is just as likely to be posted to the ShoutBox as to the main blong. Maybe we have just as much to share, but not at much time in which to share it. New family members, responsibilities at work, laziness, new games, blossoming chemical addictions, etc. are probably to blame, but it's just as easy to see this new trend as an opportunity!

This one time, not so long ago, Fugu and AIBU9 and Galspanic and Mike and I were talking, and someone suggested that we switch to Tumblr. Better platform for short posts, better sharing between sites, easier to subscribe to, more potential visibility. Why not, I thought! We've moved platforms before. We can always come back here. What do we have to lose?

So I've set up a test blong at http://piecesofthings.org. For the time being, http://piecesofthings.net will continue to bring you to this blong, on blogger. That may change. Lots may change! I know precious little about Tumblr, about what it can do. You folks are all smart, though; and I know we can come up with something good together. I welcome your input--in fact, the community demands your input!

I'll send out invites to the new blog shortly, so you can all begin posting there once you find something to share. If I miss you somehow, send me a reminder of the email address you'd like to use at mrpony(*AT*)piecesofthings.net. If you've been lurking and have something to say, now's the time to join up! (Say hi in the comments below.) Those of you with existing Tumblogs (or whatever they're called), please feel free to reblog/syndicate your posts. FLOOD US WITH YOUR GLORY!

This is yours, and for you, and if the laws of physics will allow it, the beginning of something even more awesome. SEE YOU THERE, FRIEND!


Galspanic said...

Wow, your old blong got totally destroyed by spam! Kinda epic!

Mr. Pony said...

Yes, thousands and thousands of pages of robots talking to each other. Easy enough to prune, actually. I think. I don't remember how.