Friday, November 5, 2010

His Face All Red by Emily Carroll

I really enjoyed this comic by Emily Carroll.


Litcube said...

I just did too. That was awesome.

Galspanic said...

I enjoyed the story thoroughly, but drawingwise I feel it borrows heavily from a couple artists that I strongly admire. Because of this I have a hard time enjoying it as much as I should.

You know when you see a great show, or movie that uses a style or effect that you saw on another great show, and you can't really look at it the same way?
I hate it when that happens.

Mr. Pony said...

I originally thought some of the coloring and maybe some of the line work looked like Richard Sala, but her panel framing and characters immediately took me away from that. What artists do you think this is influenced by?

Galspanic said...

Gosh, that's funny. I had a few authors in mind, but Richard Sala really nails it on the head.
I was thinking mostly of some of the Frenchier dudes, like Blain, Sfar and Kerascoet, but Sammy Markham is a strong contender too. It's like a weird blend of influences. ( I'm sure Emily Carroll could look at my drawings and shoot back a few specific names too.)

Eh, I really like this, it's totally lovely. It's just one of those things where I'm looking too critically at the style and not enough at the content.

Mr. Pony said...

I don't see how having that many apparent influences could really such a bad thing. Couldn't all drawing could be considered a weird blend of influences? I looked up the influences you cited, (and here's Richard Sala, for good measure) and there's some great stuff there, and maybe Carroll's work is influenced by these folks, and maybe not. Either way, it's kind of the nature of any creative endeavor, I think, that everything you make is going to remind someone of something, and even if you're borrowing directly from an artist, I'm okay with that, as long as you're bringing something new to the table.

(I'm thinking of that period where Ryan Sook and Matt Smith (or maybe it was their inkers) were both cultivating a style based on Mike Mignola's... I was cool with it, because they each had a different take, and Mignola's distinctive style was so interesting that I was happy to see it bearing more fruit; and seeds, if I can extend the metaphor. (The dumbasses who tried to draw like Todd McFarlane in the '90s, can all eat it, though, because they all copied what made his work distinctive instead of what made it good.))

Basically, I'm okay with artists letting their influences show, and ripping off people they respect (as long as I respect those people, too, I guess). I can't say that this is what's going on here, because my untrained eye doesn't see the correlations in the work here (beyond "Europeanish"), but I don't think it would bug me if it were.

Related: Emily Carroll seems to have piqued Scott McCloud's interest.

Galspanic said...

That's why I said, I'm all pleh about it, because it's pretty zuh, but schpleh.

Mr. Pony said...